Digital Event Case Study | Ultra 2024

At Vic3e.Digital, we were excited to support the Ultra 2024 Conference, an annual event focused on holistic development and preparing for the future. Our goal was to make the event as engaging and seamless as possible.

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Digital Business Case Study – Arise Beverages

Arise Beverages was a business brand we developed at Vic3e.Digital. The aim was simple - to make healthy beverages mainstream. Background Let's rewind to 2019! At the time, healthy products were only found in niche organic or wellness shops, hidden away in farms, local markets or deep corners of the internet. It wasn't accessible. There was also this…

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Splendida Empire || Rollup Banners

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Slice of the Buck – Arise Beverages

At Vic3e.Digital, we take pride in driving impactful marketing campaigns that elevate brands and captivate audiences. One such remarkable success story is our collaboration with Arise Beverages through the celebrated "Slice of the Buck" campaign. As the proud orchestrators of this annual influencer marketing marvel, we harnessed the power of influencers to create lasting impressions and unparalleled brand growth.

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Esme Witbooi Coaching – A Rebrand Story

Esme Witbooi aims to help all her clients, challenging them to transform limiting beliefs into endless possibilities. Esme can help your Leadership develop Emotional Intelligence and resilience through using advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques coupled with Advanced Coaching and Mediation tools gained through world class traveling working with Executives across the globe as a highly valued Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and…

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JaCServDelivery Delivers

JaCServDelivery deals in the collection and delivery of goods in Cape Town. They deliver groceries, food, medical supplies, gift surprises, flowers, and so on. We were tasked with building the foundational digital elements of the company. We first had to develop a booking platform to handle requests from potential clients and a website to showcase the company’s profile.

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Learning at Work with Puma Learning

Learning at work, an innovative concept to facilitate collaboration across the organization. We assisted in curating and editing the videos put together by their team members during COVID lockdown.

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Landscape Shift | Patric S Landscape

Patric S Landscape offers a comprehensive, positive and professional landscaping experience for homes and communities across South Africa

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Leadership In Crisis with President Joyce Banda

A virtual meeting to discuss on the future of Africa amidst the global pandemic. Leadership is a key aspect towards progressive development and the time to shape the future we want begins now.

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