At Vic3e.Digital, we were excited to support the Ultra 2024 Conference, an annual event focused on holistic development and preparing for the future. Our goal was to make the event as engaging and seamless as possible.

Pre-Event Preparations

Our journey began well before the event. We created a series of short video promos to build excitement and attract attendees. These videos showcased the key themes of the conference, like future-ready skills and AI integration, giving people a glimpse of what to expect.

We also revamped the conference’s website information page. This update made it easier for potential attendees to find all the necessary details about the event, such as session topics, keynote speakers, and how to register. Clear and concise information helped increase interest and attendance.

Supporting the Event

On the day of the conference, our work continued. We provided video fillers that played during breaks. These included curated music playlists to keep the atmosphere lively and video ads that highlighted sponsors and upcoming sessions. Our goal was to ensure attendees stayed informed and entertained throughout the event.

A Seamless Integration

Our integrated approach—combining web updates, video content, and graphic support—helped create a cohesive and engaging experience for Ultra 2024 attendees. By handling various aspects of the event’s digital presence, we ensured everything flowed smoothly and effectively.


Working with Ultra 2024 allowed us to demonstrate how Vic3e.Digital can enhance an event from start to finish. From creating engaging promos and updating web content to providing dynamic video fillers, we were able to support the conference in a way that made it both informative and enjoyable for everyone involved.